🌱 Genesis

Genesis Tokens


For our genesis farms, users can stake the following tokens single-sided to earn BASED:

$AERO (Aerodrome)

Contract Address: 0x940181a94a35a4569e4529a3cdfb74e38fd98631 (opens in a new tab)

$wETH (Wrapped Ethereum)

Contract Address: 0x4200000000000000000000000000000000000006 (opens in a new tab)

$USDC (USD Coin)

Contract Address: 0xd9aAEc86B65D86f6A7B5B1b0c42FFA531710b6CA (opens in a new tab)

$cbETH (Coinbase Wrapped Staked ETH)

Contract Address: 0x2Ae3F1Ec7F1F5012CFEab0185bfc7aa3cf0DEc22 (opens in a new tab)

$OGRE (Shrekt)

Contract Address: 0xAB8a1c03b8E4e1D21c8Ddd6eDf9e07f26E843492 (opens in a new tab)

We have carefully selected these assets to ensure decentralization and a robust genesis farming experience. Stake, participate, and earn BASED!